About us

Does playing in several kinds of local bands for more than over 15 years make you old? Maybe, but not for these rampage musicians who found their asylum in a new project with a common passion for fast & loud music. After meeting at shows for years, in 2016 they established The Job: an oldschool hardcoreband originating from the deep south of the Netherlands.

In the city of Maastricht, once the cradle of hardcoremusic in Europe, Jerome, Roel and Niena, rooted in bands like Jamestown, Superhero, Siren and $400Suits/Right Direction, decided to get together in 2016 and bring back some authentic old school Eurocore sound: Fast, loud and straight-forward, accompanied by a bit of a melodic touch. After recording their first EP (The Bullet Rage EP) they joined forces with Thommy (Progress, Thesoulofman, Circle Of Silence): a punkveteran from the infamous Mijnstreek Oost. After playing a few shows, Niena left and Ruud, another veteran from the MOC stept in to complete the line up. The Job plays some mad, furious and often political- and social engaged music but a touch of humor will never be lost on stage. Get ready for some southern rage!

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