returns & refunds

By purchasing an item through the One Blood Apparel web shop ( you accept the following terms:

Refunds. Refunds can only be arranged BEFORE October 4 2019. After this date the pre-order time has come to an end and your PERSONALISED order will be made ready for completion.

Refunds can be requested through and NO other ways of communication. In your request you will have to give your exact order details AND your reason to cancel. One Blood Apparel will then process your request within 14 days after your order date.

The refund will consist of the full amount you paid through the web shop (incl. shipping)

Returns. Tainted and One Blood Apparel do NOT take returns after October 4 2019. All items are made to order which means the EU 14 day cool off period does NOT apply.

All items will be checked by our staff before final packaging and shipping. You will ALWAYS receive an item that is up to our high standard. You will NOT receive a faulty item.


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