About us

Throw a vocalist/bass player from the metal scene, a guitar player from the hardcore scene and a drummer from the punk/trash scene in a blender and what do you get? PROBATION!

The heaviness of crowbar, the dark edge of Kickback, the nineties groove of Machine Head and the speed of bands like Terror.

In it’s 2 years existence PROBATION did a Dutch club tour together with No Turning Back, For I Am King and Deathtrap as well as support shows for Crowbar, Pro-Pain and Sacred Reich.

In current times the world is still an unfair battleground, where people are still suffering by things like war, authority, religious fanaticism, violence and in general; the sickness and stupidity of people in this society. We’re all in this together, we’re all ‘FUCKED BY LIFE’.

To celebrate this misery PROBATION released an EP called ‘FUCKED BY LIFE’ on WTF Records. Pissed off lyrics supported by down tuned riffs and aggresive drums.


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