About us

Hometown Crew is a Youth Crew/Hardcore Punk band from Weert Holland.

The band was founded as a 4 piece in November 2014 and played their first show in July 2015.

At the end of 2015/early 2016 they released their self titled DIY recorded demo, shortly after the release the band became a 5 piece.

Over the years they have played regularly in several places in and around the Netherlands and have worked to become an actively touring band. They have played and will play anywhere from support slots for bigger bands to squats and house shows. It’s a band that stands by their “Give it your all” attitude and who try to stay as down to earth as possible. It’s not pretty, just furious, energetic and heartfelt Hardcore that brings you Stage Dive and Sing-a-Long Vibes.

The band takes it’s main musical influences from bands such as: Go it Alone, Carry On, Ten Yard Fight and Battery. Secondary influences include bands such as: Bane, Have Heart and Turning Point.

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