☠️We're calling it quits..☠️

For almost 4 years we’ve been happily involved in the scene and made some truely great friends along the way. But as you might have noticed, it’s been dead silent for a long long time now. Main reason for us to call it quits is that we can’t put in the energy that we want to put in. Right now we can’t find a healthy balance between private life, work and business.
We’re really thankful for the support of our friends gave us. Big shout out Hometown Crew, to live among wolves, Fists Of Time, Blood Of Kings, Crusade, The Job, PROBATION and Superhero Status. You are all part of the reason why we started One Blood Apparel.
I want to give a very special shout out to Sil & Natasha for joining me on this crazy journey. If it was only me, I wouldn’t have made it this far.
As a goodbye, we will have a 50% discount on our remaining items. Items that are not sold by July 31st will be donated to the Hardcore Help Foundation.
And who knows, maybe in the distant future we will start with OBAv2.
~ Dylan
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